2. veebruar 2013


I am pretty sure that the hole thing started between Tuesday and Wednesday. I don't know exactly which time. Just one moment i started talking native English. You think, that's not a problem. Well normally it ain't. The problem comes up when you start think in English. And you forget you're native language. Eventually all of it. At the beginning it's okay. You can understand what you're fellows are talking. You speak with them normally. I can understand them, they me. There is some cliches. I shout up some English sentences. Okay, that ain't bad.
After arriving Estonia i realized i was thinking and talking In English. I went to the smoking area in the airport and there was some people. They talked about something. Something that i wouldn't understand. I was like foreigner who doesn't understand local people. Then the radio came up. Songs which i heard were beautiful. They were like old school songs. Melody's talk about love. For me it was French. And in that moment i realized. I was thinking in English.
For now, it's hard to me. Interaction with people i think premier in English and then i start thinking what was that word in Estonian. 
At home i think also in fcking English. I dunno which clothes i should but in washer. Colorful or white. What. Whaaat. Valged or värvilised. Btw, sound weird form me. Värvilised? I'll try think in Estonian but afterwards thoughts are afterwards not clear for me. I just read up my written text and saw "Värvilised". What are u talking about. I don't know what i write. Hope that's correct :)

X-perience - I don't care

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